Practicum FAQ's

Who is responsible for my practicum placement?

As a student, you play a vital role in the process. The practicum program is designed to encourage students to challenge themselves by pushing their practice, reflecting on their choices, conducting career research, and refining their decisions when it comes to practicum placements.

The KSR PEXL Lead plays a significant role in establishing and maintaining agency connections across various fields within Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation. 

What type of practicums are offered?

Please click here for list of sample practicums.

When should I start thinking about my practicum placement?

It is recommended that you start considering the timing and location of your practicum placement at the end of your second year or as a third year student.  Placements are completed upon completion on 90 units of course weight (ie in your fourth year).

How long is a practicum placement?

A full-time placement is normally 13 weeks in duration.  Students must complete 455 hours in total.

A part-time placement is also 13 weeks in duration.  It is an option for students who are in the BKIN or BScKIN programs.  Permission is required as two additional courses are needed to meet degree requirements.  Students must complete 260 hours in total. 

Where are students placed geographically?

Most students are typically placed within the Edmonton metropolitan area. It is also possible for students to be placed throughout Alberta, potentially from a student's home town as a self directed placement.

Students seeking placements abroad are responsible for covering all associated costs, such as passports, visas, travel documents, health insurance, transportation, accommodation and other related expenses. 

Can I find my own practicum placements?

Students have the option to find their own practicum placement, but there is one condition: the requested placement must not be regularly offered to U of A KSR Practicum students. If this condition is met, the placement becomes open for competition.

For new placements that are being developed specifically for a student, a practicum description must be entered into CampusBRIDGE by the supervisor and an interview process may not be required. However, it is crucial to allow sufficient time for the Practicum Supervisor/Instructor to communicate with the potential agency supervisor and ensure they understand the Professional Practicum Program.

Please direct any questions to

Can the Career Centre help me with my Cover Letter and Resume?
Career Centre provides career counselling, advertises employment positions available and maintains a job bank. Students are strongly advised to take advantage of the resume-writing and interview resources.
How will I select agencies with whom to have interviews?

Students will review available positions in Campus BRIDGE and apply during the application period.

Please ensure you have match your cover letter, resume, and learning objectives to the positions you apply on.

Your selection will take into account the position description, the location, the qualifications and how well they align with your experience and personal learning objectives.

How likely is it that I will get my first choice?

Your final placement is influenced by various factors, including how closely you match what the agency is looking for.  The recruitment process is competitive.

Be prepared for your interviews.  Be professional.  Identify your learning objectives, your experience, what you have learned in your program and speak knowledgeable about each. 

How important are my learning objectives?

Among the available positions, some are highly desirable and often attract multiple student applicants. In cases where all applicants have similar qualifications and only one position is available, it likely will be awarded to the student whose learning objectives best align with the position description.

How important are the interview timelines?

Completing all interviews and submitting agency rankings by the specified deadline for each term is crucial. Failure to do so may impact the student's ability to secure their desired placement.

Please make sure to take note of the specified practicum deadlines for your chosen term. 

What if I am offered the placement during the interview?
Students cannot accept offers made outside of the Rank and Offer process.
Why did I not receive an interview?

The process is competitive.  In certain situations, students may not be granted an interview opportunity by the potential agency supervisor due to the large number of students seeking interviews.

The criteria used for screening students can include factors such as previous experience, alignment of personal learning objectives, pattern/route of concentration, specific qualifications, completed courses and/or career goals.

What happens if I do not get placed through CampusBRIDGE?

Students apply for a selection practicum placements offered by the Faculty through CampusBRIDGE each term. These placements encompass a wide range of opportunities specifically tailored to various types of skill development relevant to Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation.  However, you need to apply to be considered.

Students also have the opportunity to create a self-directed placement.

Provided you have actively sought a placement, if you need assistance, the KSR PEXL Lead will work with you individually to match you to a position.

If you have not found the answer to your practicum question in the information provided above, please feel free to email the KSR PEXL Lead at for further information and assistance.