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      Career Information Interviewing

      Information interviewing is meeting a professional in your field of interest and asking them questions about their job, educational background, and how they got to where they are.

      Information interviewing can help you:

      • Gain first-hand knowledge and advice about career options
      • Learn the day-to-day specifics of a job that interests you
      • Evaluate your academic plan
      • Discover new opportunities 
      • Build your professional network

      How to conduct a Career Information Interview

      Before the Interview

      • Identify jobs you’re interested in
      • Do a little bit of research online to discover what you already know, and what you would like to learn
      • Create your list of questions
      • Identify individuals that match your criteria
        • Attend career fairs, search university department pages and professional associations, look through companies’ LinkedIn pages
      • Send an introduction
        • Briefly outline who you are, and what you hope to gain from the meeting

      During the Interview

      • Schedule a short 20-30 minute interview at their workplace, on the phone, through email, or at a local coffee shop
      • Ask your questions, and gain practical advice
      • Ask for referrals to others who may have useful insight as well!

      After the Interview

      • Send a follow-up email and thank them for their time
      • Reflect on what you’ve learned
      • Plan another Career Information Interview in another field of interest!

      For more tips and tricks about Career Information Interviewing, check out our guidebook!