Our programs, events, and services help undergraduate students explore career options and develop career management skills.

Our programs, services, and events are available to graduate students and are specifically designed to help you explore opportunities both in and outside of academia, and improve your career management skills.

University faculty and staff have frequent interactions with students and play a critical role in the career development of students. We are here to support you in your work.

We are your Career Centre for life. Our programs and services support alumni in strengthening their career management skills and navigating career transitions. If you have graduated from the U of A within the last eight months, you are eligible for the student fees listed across our website.

Our programs, services, and events for postdoctoral fellows are specifically designed to help you improve your career management skills and explore opportunities both in and outside of academia.

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      Tackling your job search as you approach graduation 

      As the end of the academic year approaches, you may be starting to think about work after graduation.

      The Career Centre offers free and *fee-based programs and services designed to meet your needs as you transition to becoming an alumnus.

      Explore your career goals and next steps:

      The Career Centre is dedicated to providing year-round supports to all graduates, regardless of the convocation year.

      *Recent graduates within eight months of completing degree are eligible to receive a student rate on fee-based programs and services.