November 14 - 17, 2017

Explore your career interests in a one- to four-day workplace visit.

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      How to write a strong Job Shadow Week application

      U of A Job Shadow Week matches students, postdoctoral fellows, and alumni with community-based professionals for a 1 to 4 day workplace visit during Reading Week. 

      During Job Shadow Week, you’ll spend time with a professional working in a field of your interest, observe your host’s workplace, ask questions, and learn about the unique and daily realities of their job. The experience can help you clarify your career and academic choices, and your work preferences.

      To participate in Job Shadow Week, you must submit an application so we can make the best participant and host matches. This is a competitive process based on the quality of your application. Use the following tips to submit a good quality Job Shadow Week application. 

      • Read the host’s profile in full, not just the job title.
        A job title may not tell you what the host actually does - look at other details to get a fuller picture of their job. 
      • Look at the description of what you’ll be doing during the job shadow.
        Consider why you are interested in this host and what questions you would ask them. Include this information in your application to explain why you should be matched to that host.
      • Write what you hope to see, do, learn and experience.
        And explain why! Explaining your interests and goals helps us to better understand what you want to get out of your job shadow.
      • Choose more than one host!
        This gives you a better chance of being matched.
      • Have an open mind!
        We don’t want you to choose a host you aren’t interested in, but consider hosts that may be outside your primary interests. A host you may not initially consider can introduce you to new career possibilities!
      Learn more about U of A Job Shadow Week