Statistics Division

Within the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at the University of Alberta:
  • We teach undergraduate and graduate courses in Statistics and Probability.
  • We provide a centre for discussion of research problems and methodological advances in statistics and probability.
  • We serve as a training facility for graduate students in applied statistics, through the provision of a courtesy consulting service, funded by the department, for members of the University community.
  • We provide statistical consulting for external clients in business, government and industry on a fee-for-service basis.

Program Offerings & Information

Undergraduate Programs

A Good Career Move

  • A number of our undergraduate and graduate courses can be used to satisfy the educational requirements for designation as "Associate Statistician" by the Statistical Society of Canada.
  • Go here to see the specific list of courses which have been pre-approved for accreditation.




Training and Consulting Center

  • Statistics faculty engage in consulting projects associated with collaborative, publishable research; as well individual members may provide consulting on a fee-for-service basis. For further information contact the Division Head of the Statistics Division.
  • The Training Consulting Center a courtesy consulting service to faculty and graduate students in other disciplines and to other members of the university community, and also serves as a training ground for our graduate students.