Applied Mathematics

Our Applied Mathematics program will train you to apply mathematical ideas to solve practical problems in the physical, social, and life sciences, as well as in engineering and finance. With its combination of pure and applied courses, the program delivers the theory you need while putting the focus on application.

In approaching a particular problem, applied mathematicians use physical insight, intuition, and their mathematical knowledge to create models—often in the form of differential equations—to describe the salient processes controlling the system.  Often these equations are too complicated for an explicit solution to be determined, and one seeks either approximate solutions or appropriate numerical methods through the use of computers.

Applied mathematicians are employed in a wide variety of contexts. Their ability to model and analyze complex scenarios is especially valued in industry and in the commercial sectors, particularly financial/market analysis and computing. Many choose research careers at universities, colleges, and research institutes, where they pioneer new theory and methodology in applied mathematics.

Degree options in Applied Mathematics are as follows:

Honors in Applied Mathematics (Calendar section 194.10.6)

Honors in Applied Mathematics, Minor in Computing Science (Calendar section 194.10.7)

  • This program allows students to balance their interests in applied mathematics with computing science.  This program will be of interest to students wishing to combine analytical mathematical training with the power of computers for solving sophisticated practical problems.

Honors in Applied Mathematics, Minor in Statistics (Calendar section 194.10.8)

  • This program is intended for students interested in including statistics in their repertory of applicable mathematical and computational techniques.