Hockey Analytics

MACT grad, Sunil Agnihotri, and Michael Parkatti will share insights from their research and experience as fans.

18 February 2014

Hockey Analytics: The new wave of information and the online fan community that is driving the field

Sunil Agnihotri, MA (University of Alberta) and Michael Parkatti, MSc (London School of Economics)

Wednesday 26 March 2014

12:00 - 1:00pm (MDT)

2-958 Enterprise Square (10230 Jasper Avenue)

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The field of Hockey Analytics continues to gain importance as more stakeholders, including fans and teams, are examining data and developing new ideas regarding the game. With the advancement of communication technology and analytic tools, fans have taken a greater role in developing new methods of measuring team and player performance. New ideas are often communicated and developed amongst fans through blogs, message boards and other social media tools.

Biographies of the Speakers:

Sunil Agnihotri is a recent graduate of the Master of Arts in Communication and Technology Program at the University of Alberta. His capstone research project examined hockey fans and their usage of blogs to develop new information and knowledge. His work can be found at The SuperFan as well as Hockey in Society. Sunil currently works for Alberta Blue Cross as an Analyst in the Government Programs and Reporting division.

Michael Parkatti is a hockey analytics blogger at Boys on the Bus who tests out the underlying statistical truths of the game. He's a recent winner of the Edmonton Oilers Hackathon competition and consults for the team on a part-time basis. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Operations Management from the University of Alberta and a Master of Science degree in Operational Research from the London School of Economics. He is currently Manager of Economic Research & Analysis with Alberta Innovation & Advanced Education and has had varied previous career experiences as both a management consultant and a startup geek who participated in Y-Combinator's summer intake in 2008.