Strategic Framing Course Launches January 2016

Faculty of Extension and the MA Communications and Technology in partnership with the Frameworks Institute develop new course in strategic framing

5 November 2015

Introducing the Faculty of Extension's Strategic Framing course (EXCPE 6000)

Developed by the University of Alberta in partnership with the highly-acclaimed FrameWorks Institute

Open enrolment l Fully online l 20 hours l 6 modules l Graded coursework

The online Strategic Framing course (EXCPE 6000) will focus on:

  • Communication methods to create change in common understanding of cultural and societal issues.

  • Use of reframing tools (including metaphorical language and storytelling) to help build a general understanding of complex issues.

  • Effective ways to transform how the public views cultural and societal issues.

Join us on 19 November for two presentations by Professor Bradd Shore on "Communicating the complex". The presentations are aimed at communication professionals and decision makers in the private, public, or not-for-profit sectors, those involved in public policy fields such as healthcare, education, or social services, or anyone interested in how to be more effective in using communications to influence public opinion and policy.

Offered in Winter term 2016 Register Now

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