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8 January 2018

Communications and Technology Webinar

Net neutrality, common carriage in Canadian telecommunications

Wed 17 January 2018 (12:00-1:00pm MST)

Speaker: Ben Klass

People around the world are increasingly going online for their information needs, whether it be for entertainment, enlightenment, or commerce. We rely on internet service providers (ISPs)-enterprises that operate vast networks of telecommunications infrastructure-to provide us an open connection to the information, audiences, customers, and communities we seek. Yet the ISP industry, driven by commercial motives, often finds itself at loggerheads with the idea of openness and user control. Standing between the ISPs' drive to maximize profit and people's interest in controlling their own communication activity is the principle of network neutrality. At its core, network neutrality is a legal principle that places people in control of their communication, by preventing ISPs from discriminating between different types of digital traffic or otherwise influencing how we use the internet.

This talk, based on Ben's PhD research and professional experience in telecommunications policy advocacy, aims to unpack the complex and contentious issue of network neutrality as it has evolved in Canada. It engages with three central questions: first, what is network neutrality, and how has it evolved? Second, how has network neutrality has developed in the context of the twenty-first century network media economy in Canada? Third and finally, how can citizens engage in these ongoing debates?

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