Mountain Research and Initiatives


Mountains 101 MOOC

Mountains 101 is a 12-lesson course teaching a comprehensive overview of mountains and their environmental and human impact. Topics covered include:

  • the geological origins of mountains;
  • importance for biodiversity and water cycles, globally and locally;
  • their cultural significance around the globe;
  • how mountains are being affected by rapid change in a warming climate;
  • and more.

Mountains 101 will launch January 9, 2017. Online registration opens November 1, 2016.

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For-Credit Courses

INTD 280: The Mountain World

An interdisciplinary study of the physical and human dimensions of mountain environments. Content includes the physical (glaciers, climate, geology, etc.), biological (flora, fauna, ecology, etc.), physiological (human bodies at altitude, performance, sport, etc.), and cultural (societies, literature’s, histories, etc.) dimensions of these unique regions, as well as a critical analysis of the processes of change and influence shaping local and regional mountain environments around the globe, past and present. (Offered jointly by the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation and the Faculty of Science)

WINTER 2017: 2 for-credit sections of INTD280 will be offered: one in-class, and one online as Mountains 101. Learn more about how to register for the for-credit online offering.

INTD 282: Mountain Backcountry Field Skills

Held at the Alpine Club of Canada’s annual General Mountaineering Camp (GMC), this condensed one-week course is designed to impart an introduction to leadership skills (theoretical, technical, and personal) used in basic mountain backcountry field operations for scientific research, outdoor recreation, tourism, and/or educational purposes. This course is open to all UofA students. It's worth three credits. No prerequisite is required. And no prior backcountry skills are required. To register and learn more about INTD 282 visit here. View poster
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