Music 465 - Music and Political Struggles in Latin America

New course offered Summer 2015

17 March 2015

Course Description

Music has been used as an effective channel to confront political systems throughout Latin America. La nueva canción in Argentina and Chile during the militarized 1970s, the voices of Chico Buarque in Brazil and Ruben Blades in Panama, the songs linked to the Shining Path guerrilla insurrection in Peru, the chants sung by both supporters and opponents of Chavismo in Venezuela, the sounds of Punk bands under the military regime of Rafael Videla in Argentina, the narcocorridos in Mexico, or the hip-hop based textures of Calle 13 are all examples of music used as a means to denounce and protest inequalities, encourage and propagate political ideas, incite resistance and social disruption, or to resist violence and overcome traumatic situations. This course will examine the role music played in the political struggles of various Latin America communities since the Cuban revolution

Summer 2015 MWF - 10:00-12:00 PM

Instructor: Alberto Munarriz

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