New faculty publication: "The Names of Minimalism"

Hot off the presses, Dr. Patrick Nickleson's (musicology) new book redefines the history of minimalism in 1960s art music composition and practice.

Department of Music - 6 April 2023


Minimalism stands as the key representative of 1960s radicalism in art music histories—but always as a failed project. In The Names of Minimalism, Patrick Nickleson holds in tension collaborative composers in the period of their collaboration, as well as the musicological policing of authorship in the wake of their eventual disputes. Through examinations of the droning of the Theatre of Eternal Music, Reich’s Pendulum Music, Glass’s work for multiple organs, the austere performances of punk and no wave bands, and Rhys Chatham and Glenn Branca’s works for massed electric guitars, Nickleson argues for authorship as always impure, buzzing, and indistinct.

More information about The Names of Minimalism: Authorship, Art Music, and Historiography in Dispute is available through the University of Michigan Press.

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