How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Department of Music. Please follow the four-step process below to ensure that your application process is as simple and complete as possible.

Step One: Audition Application and Portfolio Review (if applicable)

If you are applying to the Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education combined program, or plan on taking private studio instruction, you must submit an audition application to the Department of Music by February 1 for the first audition period or April 1 for the second audition period. For more information on our audition process, please refer to the navigation tab to the left.

If you are applying to the Bachelor of Music Composition and Sonic Arts Route, you are also required to submit a portfolio of recent compositions. Please visit the Music Composition & Sonic Arts website, or contact the department for further information.

Step Two: University of Alberta Program Application

All University of Alberta students must complete an initial application. Please complete your program application to the university before May 1. Supporting documentation, including two letters of reference, must be submitted via the application launchpad by July 15 for postsecondary transfer applicants August 1 for high school applicants.

Step Three: Undergraduate Advising

Do you have any initial questions or concerns? Please contact our Undergraduate Advisor.

Step Four: Theory & Piano Proficiency Requirements

Music Theory Requirements

Do you have any previously documented theory training?

  1. If so, please present your Royal Conservatory of Music Theory 8 or Conservatory Canada Theory IV (or equivalent) received in the last two years to the Undergraduate Advisor.
  2. If not, you are required to take a theory placement test. If you fail to meet the passing grade of 70%, you are required to take MUSIC 100 in the Spring or Summer session prior to entering the BMus or BMus/BEd program.
Piano Proficiency Requirements

If you are a non-piano major, do you have any previously documented piano training?

  1. If so, please present your Grade VI Piano (Royal Conservatory or Conservatory Canada) received in the last three years to the Undergraduate Advisor.
  2. If not, you are required to take a piano proficiency exam during the first week of classes. You must sign up for this exam by contacting the Undergraduate Advisor. If you do not pass this exam, you will enroll in MUS 129 (countable toward your Arts options).


Have you been admitted to both the University of Alberta and the Department of Music? If so, congratulations! Please follow the directions below to get your first year of study off to a good start.

  1. Register on BearTracks for your first year of courses. NB: Students are unable to register for individual lessons online, so please contact the Undergraduate Advisor.
  2. If you are interested in working with a particular studio teacher, you may request him or her through the Undergraduate Advisor. NB: We cannot guarantee to honour all requests, and we highly recommend contacting the teacher individually before submitting a formal studio instructor request to the department.
  3. Explore the many Ensemble courses available to you and prepare to audition for them. Ensemble auditions will be held during the first week of classes. Sign-up sheets can be found on the first floor of FAB outside of the elevator. Please discuss ensemble options with your private teacher.
  4. Still have questions? Feel free to contact the Undergraduate Advisor or Undergraduate Associate Chair for additional help or advice.