Update on the Office of Education

Matina Kalcounis-Rueppell - 31 August 2022

Dear College of Natural and Applied Sciences community, 

Over the summer months, the College of Natural and Applied Sciences has established the Office of Education, led by Director Jim Bohun.

The purpose of the Office of Education will be to provide consistent and high-quality administrative support for consolidated functions related to the student experience that formerly took place at the department or faculty level. The key functions of the Office of Education at this time are:

  • academic integrity, including education and administration of academic discipline; 
  • course scheduling and timetabling, including enrolment forecasting; and
  • student systems, including the automation of some student services tasks. 

These functions were deemed suitable to move to the college because they would benefit from economies of scale and the potential to streamline processes while relieving administrative burden in our faculties.

This work is a direct result of the valued consultation and conversations about processes mapping undertaken with key stakeholders within each of the NAS faculties. Thank you to those of you who have participated in this process and we look forward to continued conversations.

Key Contacts

The NAS Office of Education is pleased to announce the hiring of four course scheduling and timetabling coordinators. These individuals are currently focused on building the Spring/Summer 2023 timetables.

  • Francine Hodder 
  • Carrie Dube 
  • Emily Burdek 
  • Shannon Guenette

We are also in the process of recruiting two staff members focused on academic integrity, as well as a team of four staff members in the student systems portfolio. Please check the college directory page for contact information. More information about activities within the College of Natural and Applied Sciences can be found on our news and notices page. As always, please reach out to me or to Jim Bohun should you have any questions or concerns. 

Finally, the college of NAS has been relocated to the General Services Building (GSB) from ECHA. You can now find us, including the Office of Education, in the 6-03 suite of offices in GSB. We are grateful to ALES for this space that allows us to be close to all NAS faculties and together for the next year. Thanks to Engineering and Science for working towards space solutions for NAS. We are excited to have all of our partners and office team together in one location, and to be on the north side of campus. 

I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable summer, and I look forward to connecting with you in the new term. 


Matina Kalcounis-Rueppell
Interim Dean, College of Natural and Applied Sciences