College Leadership

College Dean and Vice-Provost

Matina Kalcounis-Rueppell

College General Manager

Julie Naylor

Associate Dean, Education

Tracy Raivio

Associate Dean, STEM Research

David Bressler

Executive Assistant

Colette Freitas

Office of Education

Director, Office of Education

Jim Bohun

Academic Integrity

Michelle Spila - Academic Integrity Officer
Nicolette Anderson - Academic Integrity and Discipline Coordinator

The academic integrity team can be reached at

Course Scheduling & Timetabling

Emily Burdek
Carrie Dube
Shannon Guenette
Francine Hodder

The course scheduling and timetabling coordinators can be reached at

Student Systems 

Maribel Jiles - Team Lead
Crystal Robinson - Functional Analyst
Amanda Webb Schilling - Functional Analyst

This team can be reached at

Partnership Network

The partnership network in the College of Natural and Applied Sciences connects our faculties and college with the U of A’s administrative expertise and resources.

Find your contact for development, communications and marketing, finance, human resources, IT, research, and student services.

Alumni Relations

Program Leads

Katherine Kupchenko (Engineering)
Cristine Myhre (ALES, Science)

Communications and Marketing

Senior Communications and Marketing Service Partner 

Katie Willis

Communications and Marketing Partners

Shelby MacLeod (ALES)
Andrew Lyle (Science)
Annie Aguilar (Engineering)


Director, Faculty Development

Katherine Millen Worré

Development Leads

Cynthia Strawson, Assistant Dean Development (ALES)
Valerie Belisle, Assistant Dean Development (Engineering)
Liz Hasham, Assistant Dean Development (Science)


Senior Finance Partner

Christine Lee

Finance Partners 

Melanie Corrigan (ALES)
Sherry Gu (ALES)
Yuliia Malanych (Engineering)
Claire Deng (Engineering)
Harjup Dhillon (Engineering)
Stella Okyere (Science)
Marvin Kwan (Science)
Jamie Ellick (Science) 
Lisa Krezanowski (Science)
Miranda Ziccarelli (Science)

Human Resources

Senior HR Service Partner

Stacey Brennan

HR Partners

Misty Wilson (ALES)
Syeda Naqvi (Engineering)
Noura Ali (Engineering)
Vaida Zanetic (Science)
Brigitte Martin (Science) 

Information and Technology

Senior IT Partner

James Gronau


Senior Research Service Partner

Kelly Maher

Research Service Partners

Terra Garneau (ALES and Engineering)
Kelly Maher (Science)

Student Services 

Enrolment Management Service Partner 

Nicole Dyck 

Student Recruitment Service Partner

Oksana Feculak


Courtney Klein
Hyerin Hong
Taylor Hoy