Resources for Clinical Educators

Regarding student supervision and evaluation:

Regarding online continuing education for student supervision:

  • The following Alberta Health Services modules are short, easy to access and can be completed in any sequence. They can be accessed internally through My Learning Link. They are also available on the external website at:
    • Getting Ready: preparing for your student's arrival and managing the first week (30 mins)
    • Learning the Ropes: Getting your student comfortable and establishing the professional relationship (45 mins)
    • Letting Go: Helping your student become more independent (45 mins)
    • Finishing Touches: Preparing your student for entry to practice (30 mins)
  • The University of Western Ontario has the following in depth modules, requiring about 30-45 min per module to complete, with content relevant to both students and preceptors. Descriptions and access to each module are available at
    • Orientation - Welcoming the Student, Roles and Expectations
    • Developing Learning Objectives
    • Giving and Receiving Informal Feedback
    • Understanding and Fostering Clinical Reasoning
    • Fostering Reflective Practice
    • Dealing with Conflict
    • The Evaluation Process
    • Peer Coaching
    • Optimizing the Learning Process
  • The University of British Columbia also has 8 short (10-20 minutes each) interactive modules that can be completed in any order. Access these through
    • Setting the Stage for Clinical Teaching
    • The Role Learning Plays in the Practice Education Experience
    • Enhancing Your Teaching Skills
    • Fostering Clinical Reasoning
    • Giving Feedback
    • The Evaluation Process in Practice Education
    • Supporting the Struggling Student
    • Strategies for Resolving Conflicts