Application Review and Admission Offers


Application review begins ~March 1 and the first round of admissions is completed around mid-May. 

  • Admission GPAs are calculated using the most recent, applicable 60 credits (20 courses) of coursework completed by January 1st of the admission year.
  • All aspects of the application are reviewed to ensure a proper fit with the program and the OT profession. Meeting the admission GPA in a particular year does not guarantee admission.
  • Fulfilling the minimum criteria and and GPA only guarantees consideration for admission. All applicants meeting the application requirements are ranked based upon GPA, a history of academic success and strong supporting documents. Successful applicants tend to significantly exceed the admission criteria both quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • Activity courses in phys. ed., studio/performance courses in fine arts, practicum courses, pass/fail courses and seminar/research/thesis courses are not included in the calculation of the admission GPA.
  • Repeated courses (or courses with similar content) of previously passed or failed courses are not included in the GPA calculation.
  • Certificate-level and Diploma-level courses are not included in the GPA calculation.
  • Most international exchange courses, graduate-level courses, and courses completed outside of a degree may be included in the calculation of the admission GPA. (For detailed information refer to the FAQ section of the website)
  • Approximately 120 students are admitted in total.
  • The CASPer results will complement the other tools that we use for reviewing applications. We are trying to further enhance fairness and objectivity in our selection process.

  • Twenty of the spaces are reserved for Saskatchewan residents.NOTE: If offered admission applicants will be required to provide proof of Saskatchewan residency.
  • Twenty of the spaces are available for admitted applicants who choose the Calgary cohort. When applying to the program applicants can not apply directly to study in Calgary.  All applicants must first be admitted to the program and are then offered the opportunity to complete the program in Calgary.
  • Two of the spaces are reserved for Indigenous applicants. If those spaces are not filled, they will be filled using the general applicant pool. If offered admission applicants will be required to provide proof of identity. Information regarding required documentation can be found in the University of Alberta calendar.
  • Evidence of a strong academic history:

    The OT program is academically challenging which is why preference is given to applicants who have completed 30 credits (a full course load or 5 courses/semester) over two consecutive terms or semesters at some point during their academic career while maintaining a strong GPA. We do consider applicants who present a few full-time years of 24 credits (4 courses/semester) or 27 credits. The goal is to determine that an applicant can maintain a competitive GPA in a full-time year and weed out applicants who have pursued part-time undergraduate degrees. Applicants with a history of multiple withdrawals and/or failures are usually not successful. Note that OT students take 30+credits/year for two years. The program is tightly sequenced, comprehensive and academically challenging and enrollment in each term is contingent upon successful completion of all courses in the prior term(s). Applicants need to be prepared for the academic rigor of the program.

    Selection of Applicants

    Students with a very strong GPA (3.8+) and overall application may be recommended for acceptance or conditional acceptance around mid-May of the admission year. The remaining applicants will be advised of their status from late May, mid-late June etc., through August of the admission year, depending on how the application was ranked during the application review process. So, if you don't hear from us at the end of May, your application will be reviewed again in June and so on. Normally all admissions and refusals are completed and a waiting list created by the end of June.

  • Applicants who have been placed on the waitlist are required to submit official transcripts showing any outstanding winter/spring grades, prerequisite courses, or degree completion to the department by June 30th of the admission year. These documents must be emailed as PDF's to Applicants who do not complete this requirement by June 30th will be removed from the waitlist.
  • Successful applicants will be contacted by email. It is imperative that you maintain up-to-date contact information in Bear Tracks. If offered admission students must confirm their intentions to attend by submitting a non-refundable confirmation deposit of $175 payable to the University of Alberta (details will be included in the admission letter).

    Admission Offer
    The Department of Occupational Therapy will review the applications and make one of the following admission recommendations:

    Unconditional offer


    Applicants who have ranked high and have completed a Bachelor's degree and the course prerequisites will be made an unconditional offer of admission via e-mail and in a letter.

    Conditional Offer


    Applicants who have ranked high, but remain in the process of completing the prerequisites and/or Bachelor's degree, will be made a conditional offer via e-mail and in a letter. Conditions may be one of or a combination of: Maintaining a competitive GPA while completing degree, completion of prerequisites or completion of degree.

    Wait list offer


    After all admission offers are made, applicants next in rank will be sent an e-mail giving them the option of being placed on a wait list. The number of applicants placed on the wait list varies from year-to-year and will be determined by the Department of Occupational Therapy.

    In the event that a successful applicant subsequently declines admission a applicant on the wait list will be offered that seat and notified via e-mail. Historically, wait list applicants have been made offers as late as September 1st of the admission year.

    NOTE: Waitl list ranking and offers of admission are subject to the Admission Committees review and may change throughout the admission cycle.


    Applicants whose GPA or application is not competitive and/or does not meet the minimum 3.0 GPA to apply will be notified in a decline e-mail or letter. Any applicants remaining on the wait list once classes begin will be declined and notified in a decline e-mail.