The Department of Oncology research activities are located at the Cross Cancer Institute, University of Alberta, University of Alberta Hospital, Royal Alexandra Hospital and the Grey Nuns Hospital. We have integrated research programs addressing basic, translational, and clinical aspects of cancer causation, prevention, treatment and care. Our investigational programs cover the cancer research spectrum addressing questions in molecular and cellular mechanisms of tumour development, tumour biology, imaging and nuclear medicine, radiation biology, cancer care delivery and palliation issues. We have teams of investigators who conduct research to understand the fundamental mechanisms of the causes, progression and treatment response of human cancers and who foster the translation of these understandings into advancements in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatments.

Our research streams are supported by state-of-the-art technology platforms including facilities for cellular imaging, high-throughput microarray and SNP analysis, biorepositories, molecular imaging, radiation delivery, development of biomarkers, drug design and clinical trials.

This Division performs laboratory-based research concerned with the basic mechanisms of cancer and the clinical applications of basic cancer research.

This Division proforms translational studies investigating new targets for the early detection and treatment of ovarian cancer as well as molecular mechanisms underlying ovarian tumorigenesis.

The Division of Medical Oncology focuses on systemic therapy for patients with cancer. 
Division research involves the application of physics principles in medical diagnosis and treatment.
This Division explores the basic chemical and biochemical mechanisms underlying cancer and how these can be exploited in functional molecular imaging and therapy of cancer to enhance the benefits and quality of patient care.
Division research focuses on the assessment and management of physical and psychosocial-spiritual issues experienced by patients with advanced cancer and other palliative care patient populations.
Division research focuses on image-guided adaptive radiotherapy, novel therapeutics, and cancer services delivery.
Surgical Oncology
This Division is involved in collaborative basic science and clinical trials research aimed at providing minimally invasive treatment.

Research Administration

The Department of Oncology academic staff holds numerous research grants; industry sponsored contracts and clinical trials as well as career awards, training program awards, studentships and postdoctoral fellowships. A number of the academic staff hold shared research awards with other University of Alberta Departments and Faculties, Alberta Health Services and other institutions which makes the administration of the awards complex. The Assistant Chair and Research Administrative Assistant are responsible for managing these awards in terms of providing administrative advice to investigators and support staff, operational assistance for purchasing, travel claims, human resources and finance. The grant administrators provide assistance to the investigators in terms of grant and budget preparation, accounts reconciliation, human resources and purchasing.