Graduate Studies

student group picture April 2016

The Department of Oncology trains students to conduct basic and translational research into mechanisms of cancer causation, detection, imaging, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. The Department offers thesis based Master's and Doctoral degrees in Oncology and is organized under two specializations:

Cancer Sciences
  • The Specialization of Cancer Sciences serves the needs of the Divisions of Experimental Oncology, Oncologic Imaging, Radiation Oncology, Palliative Care, and Surgical Oncology.
Medical Physics
  • The Specialization of Medical Physics serves the needs of the Division of Medical Physics.
The Graduate Student Handbook contains valuable information related to specific program requirements, timelines, responsibilities of students and supervisors, guidelines for thesis examinations and much more.

Find a list of graduate courses offered by the Department of Oncology, as well as approved courses to satisfy program requirements.

Find information related to program funding as well as scholarship opportunities offered by the Department of Oncology.

Find a list of our current students and their areas of research.