Medical Oncology

Members of the Division of Medical Oncology participate in many aspects of cancer research, spanning preclinical models of cancer and drug resistance, translational efforts bringing biomarkers and new drugs to patients, clinical trials, and outcomes research. Areas of research strength include:

Biomarkers relating to drug efficacy and toxicity:

We lead local and international studies evaluating drug uptake proteins, body composition, and pharmacogenomic determinants of drug response and toxicity.

Biology and Therapy of Hematological Malignancies:

This group studies the biology of myeloma and lymphoma in collaboration with the Divisions of Clinical Hematology, the Division of Experimental Oncology and Cell Biology.

Biology and Therapy of Prostate Cancer:

Our medical oncologists work closely with members of the Divisions of Experimental Oncology, Radiation Oncology and Urology, to understand and treat prostate cancer.

Phase I Clinical Trials:

We have four medical oncologists dedicated to testing new drugs in patients where standard therapy has proven ineffective. This team puts nearly one hundred patients on such studies annually, and is increasingly recognized as one of Canada's most effective oncology drug development teams.

The Cross Cancer Institute Clinical Trials Unit:

This team of qualified investigators leads a staff of seventy in the design and conduct of clinical trials spanning all phases of therapeutic development. It places approximately 650 patients on intervention studies each year. It routinely leads global study recruitment efforts due to the dedication and skills of its staff and the willingness of Albertans to volunteer for new treatments.