Current Students


Abate, Natnael
MSc Student; Supervisor - Dr. Michael Hendzel

Babawale, Odunola Grace
PhD Student; Supervisor - Dr. Jihyun Yun

4D Monte Carlo Simulation of non-invasive intra-fractional tumour tracked Radio Therapy (nifteRT)

Sargun Sokhi

Bhatti, Ilsa
MSc Student; Supervisor - Dr. Spencer Gibson

The role of LC3 binding proteins in regulating autophagy mediated cell survival and cell death

Chen, Angie
PhD Student; Supervisor - Dr. Kristi Baker

Mitochondrial DNA effects on cGAS/STING signaling in colorectal cancer

Choi, Won Shik (Daniel)
PhD Student; Supervisor - Dr. Roseline Godbout

Overcoming the retinoic acid resistance in HER2-enriched breast cancer: the role of MYC


Fan, Dan
PhD Student; Supervisor - Dr. Michael Hendzel


Sargun Sokhi

Gazor, Alireza
MSc Student; Medical Physics

Han, Gawon
PhD Student; Supervisor - Dr. Jihyun Yun

Auto-contouring algorithm for tumour tracking using the Linac-MR

Sargun Sokhi

Handa, Bhumika
MSc Student; Supervisor - Dr. Satyapal Rathee


Lazina Hossain

Hossain, Lazina
PhD Student; Supervisor - Dr. Spencer Gibson


Islam, Ali
MSc Student; Medical Physics 

Karimpour, Rana
MSc Student; Supervisor - Dr. Michael Hendzel

Kate, Wisdom
PhD Student; Supervisor - Dr. Michael Weinfeld

DNA damage and repair, and cell death and survival

Klautau Toffoli, Jose Antonio
MSc Student; Medical Physics

Knechtel, Justin
MSc Student; Supervisor - Dr. Alan Underhill
Determinants of heterochromatin protein localization and compartmentalization

Mashayekhi, Fatemeh
PhD Student; Supervisor - Dr. Ismail Ismail


Morris, Kayleigh
Msc Student; Supervisor - Dr. Kristi Baker
Exploring myeloid cell activity in early and late stage colorectal cancer

Mosely, Shayla
PhD Student; Supervisor - Dr. Kristi Baker
Cytosolic DNA from DNA damage and its effects on intracellular signaling in colorectal cancer

Muzaffar, Fatima
PhD Student; Supervisor - Dr. Vickie Baracos

Ingestive behaviour and neurocircuits in cancer-associated anorexia-cachexia syndrome

bryce nelson

Nelson, Bryce
PhD Student; Supervisor - Dr. Frank Wuest

Production of radiopharmaceuticals for tumor imaging and therapy


Oliva, Patricia
MSc Student; Supervisor - Dr. Geetha Menon
Autosegmentation of organs-at-risk in cervial brachytherapy
Sargun Sokhi
Peyton, Seth
MSc Student; Supervisor - Dr. Roseline Godbout
Tanzeem Rafique

Rafique, Tanzeem
PhD Student; Supervisor - Dr. Alan Underhill

Remillard, Leo
MSc Student; Medical Physics
Metamaterials for ultra-high field head MRI

Roemer, Anastasia
MSc Student; Supervisor - Dr. Michael Hendzel


Sargun Sokhi

Safarpour, Samaneh
MSc Student; Supervisor - Dr. Spencer Gibson
Ben Schultz

Schultz, Ben
MSc Student; Medical Physics
Characterization of MLC Latency for Non-Invasive Intrafractional Tumour-Tracked Radiotherapy (NifteRT) on Alberta linac-MR


Sargun Sokhi

Sedlock, Christopher
MSc Student; Supervisor - Dr. Jonathan Sharp


Sargun Sokhi
Semeniuk, Mitchell
MSc Student; Supervisor - Dr. Roseline Godbout
Smart, Lauren
MSc Student; Medical Physics
Sargun Sokhi

Sokhi, Sargun
MSc Student; Supervisor - Dr. Gordon Chan


Subramani Manivannan, Madhumita
MSc Student; Supervisor - Dr. Spencer Gibson
Lysosome disrupting agents alone or in combination with venetoclax are effective therapy strategy for chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Suri, Chahat

MSc Student, Cancer Sciences; Supervisor - Dr. Frank Wuest

Swallow, Alec
MSc Student; Medical Physics

Wright, Mark
PhD Student; Supervisor - Dr. Keith Wachowicz
MRI acquisition and reconstruction for real-time tumour tracking
Sargun Sokhi
Wu, Sharon (Xiyuan)
PhD Student; Supervisor - Dr. Gordon Chan
Mechanisms in synthetic lethality of targeting cell cycle checkpoints and mitotic catastrophe in cancer cells
Rachel Yang
Yang, Rachel
MSc Student; Supervisors - Dr. Yangxin Fu and Dr. Cheng-Han Lee

 Oncogenic pathways activated by NF1 loss in homologous recombination-proficient tubo-ovarian high-grade serous carcinoma

Sargun Sokhi
Zeinali, Eli
MSc Student; Supervisor - Dr. Ismail Ismail
Zhao, Yimiao
MSc Student; Medical Physics

Alumni Graduates

A graduate degree from the Department of Oncology can lead to many different opportunities in the future. Here you will find a list of some of our graduates, highlighting where their degree in oncology has taken them.

Ali, Gauhar
MSc Student; Supervisor - Dr. Vickie Baracos

 Experimental studies of the therapeutic and toxic effects of FOLFIRI chemotherapy in colon cancer

Ayyalasomayajula, Savita
MSc Student; Supervisor - Dr. Kristi Baker

 The influence of pks+ E. coli on the effectiveness of 5-FU treatment in colorectal cancer cells

Savita Ayyalasomayajula
Lee, Laura
MD/PhD Student; Supervisor - Dr. Lynne Postovit

 From histones to polysomes: characterizing the epigenetic, transcriptional, and translational reprogramming in hypoxia induced breast cancer plasticity

Woodfield (Way), Jenilee
PhD Student; Supervisor - Dr. Frank Wuest

Molecular imaging of triple-negative breast cancer through targeting hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha, Area: Molecular Imaging using PET

Storozynsky, Quinn
PhD Student; Supervisor - Dr. Mary Hitt                             
Combining an Oncolytic Vaccinia Virus with Image-Guided Radiotherapy for Treatment of Malignant Glioma 



Locke, Andrew
PhD Student; Supervisor - Dr. Ismail Ismail

Regulation of Double-Strand Break Repair


Faisal Bin RashedBin Rashed, Faisal
PhD Graduate; Cancer Sciences



Radim BartaBarta, Radim
PhD Graduate; Medical Physics



Braden ChowChow, Braden
PhD Graduate; Medical Physics



Huachen ChenChen, Huachen
PhD Graduate; Cancer Sciences



Bingcheng JiangJiang, Bingcheng
PhD Graduate; Cancer Sciences



Simon FergusonFerguson, Simon
PhD Graduate; Medical Physics



Johnson, Neil
MSc Graduate; Medical Physics



Aaron PurchasePurchase, Aaron
PhD Graduate; Medical Physics



Jiesi ZhouZhou, Jiesi
PhD Graduate; Medical Physics




Douglas BrownBrown, Douglas
PhD Graduate; Cancer Sciences



Amirali BukhariBukhari, Amirali
PhD Graduate; Cancer Sciences



Hough, Cameron
PhD Graduate; Medical Physics



Joanne Smith

Smith, Joanne
MSc Graduate; Cancer Sciences

I am a research technician in Dr. Gordon Chan and Dr. Alan Underhill's labs here at the Cross Cancer Institute. I help manage the lab, train and help others with their research, and work on my own research project.

Jack WangWang, Yixiong (Jack)
PhD Graduate; Cancer Sciences



Xia XuXu,Xia
PhD Graduate; Cancer Sciences


Dinakaran, Deepak
PhD Graduate; Cancer Sciences

I am completing my postgraduate medical residency in Radiation Oncology at the Cross Cancer Institute.

clara fallone

Fallone, Clara
PhD Graduate; Medical Physics

Medical Physics resident in Halifax Nova Scotia


powel-crosleyCrowley, Powel
MSc Graduate; Cancer Sciences

Powel is currently working as a Research Assistant in Dr. Mary Hitt's lab. Their research is investigating the use of oncolytic vaccinia virus as a gene therapy vector for treatment of granulosa cell tumour.

Mowat, Courtney20210428-c_mowatt-3-edit.jpg
MSc Graduate; Cancer Sciences

I am a research technician in Dr. Kristi Baker's lab here at the Cross Cancer Institute. I help manage the lab, train and help others with their research, and work on my own research project.


Cawston-Grant, Brie
MSc Graduate; Medical Physics

Potts, Kyle
PhD Graduate; Experimental Oncology

Research Associate at the University of Calgary in Douglas Mahoney Lab.


miranda-brun.jpgBrun, Miranda
PhD Graduate; Experimental Oncology

Clinical Biochemist, Alberta Precision Laboratories. Assistant Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, University of Alberta.

Ismail, Abdou Ismail
PhD Graduate; Cancer Sciences

ole-tietz-2021.jpgTietz, Ole
PhD Graduate; Cancer Sciences

After completing my PhD I continued my academic career with postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. I am currently a Research Fellow at the Dementia Research Centre, Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.


Esfandiari, Nina
MSc Graduate; Oncology

Hildebrandt, Matthew
PhD Graduate; Cancer Sciences

Following my PhD I continued my academic career in Toronto where I was a post-doctoral fellow in Dr. James Ellis' lab at SickKids. There I switched from working with mice to human induced pluripotent stem cells and collaborated with several labs to study neurodevelopmental and cardiac disease models. In 2019 I transitioned from academia to industry where I took a position as an Associate Product Manager for Pluripotent Stem Cell Biology at STEMCELL Technologies in Vancouver.

moti-paudel.jpgPaudel, Moti
PhD Graduate; Medical Physics

Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Toronto; Medical Physicist, Department of Medical Physics, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center.


Zepeda, Nubia
MSc Graduate; Experimental Oncology

Since graduating from the Department of Oncology at the University of Alberta, I have used my degree in conducting and supporting academic research that spans biomedical, clinical and health services research programs. Specifically, I have worked as a Project Lead with the Surgery Strategic Clinical Network and the Canadian VIGOUR Centre in Edmonton. More recently, I moved to Calgary and am currently the Managing Director of Sepsis Canada, a CIHR funded research network at McMaster University.



ahmed-el-sehemy.jpg El-Sehemy, Ahmed
MSc Graduate; Cancer Sciences

Studying medicine at University of Toronto.

Vos,  Larissa
PhD Graduate; Cancer Sciences

ryan-heit.jpgHeit, Ryan
MSc Graduate; Cancer Sciences


Elwi, Adamadam-elwi.jpeg
PhD Graduate; Cancer Sciences

Senior Management Consultant, CGI


McPherson, Robyn
MSc Graduate; Experimental Oncology

After completing my graduate program with the Oncology department I attended medical school at the University of Calgary. I then completed residency in Pediatric Neurology at the Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary, Alberta. I am currently working as a community Pediatric Neurologist in Edmonton, Alberta.


Pervez, Nadeem
MSc Graduate; Cancer Sciences


Keats, Jonathan
PhD Graduate; Cancer Sciences

Completed 5 year fellowship at Mayo Clinic in cancer genomics. Joined the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), now an affiliate of City of Hope, as a faculty member in 2010. Currently, 2021, Director of Bioinformatics (TGen), Director Collaborative Sequencing Center (TGen), Assistant Professor - Integrated Cancer Genomics (TGen), Scientific Director - Judy and Bernard Briskin Center for Multiple Myeloma Research (COH).