Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions. If you have any specific questions not covered in this section, please contact our office at

I am a new student starting in the Spring/Summer 2024 term. How do I get my ONEcard?
  1. Upload your photo. If having difficulty, consult the Tips and Tricks Google Doc »
  2. Register in at least one Spring/Summer 2024 class
  3. Bring your ID and pick up your ONEcard (see dates/times below)
I want to change my photo. Can I do this after I have submitted one already?
There is a $15 fee to exchange your card and reprint it. Please contact us to remove the former image and allow you to upload another photo.
Can I use a digital copy of my licence or passport to pick up my ONEcard?
No, original documents are required.
What about U-Pass / Transit?
The U-Pass is a Student’s Union program. Information can be found at the ARC Card distribution page »
I am having difficulty uploading my photo. What can you do to help?
Access our Tips and Tricks document for Uploading a Photo.
Will my preferred name be printed on my ONEcard?
Yes, ONEcard does print your preferred name on your ONEcard but it must be registered in Bear Tracks. If you want to reprint your card with a preferred name, there is a $15 charge.
I am not a student/staff but want to deposit to a ONEcard.
Please visit the ONEcard top-up portal and use the account numbers on your printing card.
What type of photo ID is acceptable?
We will accept any government issued identification with a photo: Passport, driver’s licence, permanent resident card, NEXUS, firearms licence, status card. If you do not have any of these (or alternate government ID with photo) we will also accept 2 pieces of government issued non-photo identification such as birth certificate, social insurance, health care, study permit. Digital copies are not accepted.
I have a ONEcard already, do I need to upload another photo?
No, you are all set.
How do I know if my photo was approved?
Email communication is sent to your @ualberta email address.
I cannot log into my ONEcard account to purchase a meal plan. What should I do?
You must be a registered student to access your account functions. Once registered, expect it to be available within 24 hours. You can test your CCID at IST's CCID & Passwords site to ensure your password is correct. Still not working? Contact us at Students in Lister do not need to purchase another meal plan as it is included with their fees.
What if my card replacement date is approaching / has passed?
Your ONEcard never expires. You can replace the card at your convenience. There is no fee to but you will need to submit a new photo.
When can I use my ONEcard at the Fitness Centre?
Students who have been assessed the Athletic and Recreation fee for the Winter 2024 term can begin using the Fitness Centre January 2, 2024. Please see their website for hours of operation. If you are not taking classes on premise during the term, see Facility Services for rates.
I have reclaimed my Aboriginal name. Can I have my reclaimed name printed on my ONEcard?
Yes, the ONEcard office will waive all fees associated with re-issuing your ONEcard with your reclaimed Aboriginal name. For more information, contact First Peoples’ House.
Distance Education student. How do I get a virtual ONEcard?
ONEcard has gone virtual for remote learning students. Instructions on how to access your virtual ONEcard are available at the Virtual ONEcard page. Studying on campus? You will need a physical card.
It’s lost! I need to replace my ONEcard. What should I do?
  1. Upload your new photo (if yours is older than 2 years)
  2. Pick up your ONEcard - The replacement fee for a ONEcard is $25 (debit, credit, cash)
If I lose my card, do I lose the money I have in my account?
No, your funds remain on your account. Please note that lost card should be reported immediately so no one can access your account without your knowledge.
What happens to my account money at the end of the year?
Your ONEcard account balance does not expire and will automatically carry over to the next year. Refunds of any account balances will be made only if requested through our ONEcard Account Refund Form.
Will I lose my building access if I replace my ONEcard?
Maybe temporarily. If your access has not been restored within 24 hours, please contact your department.
I was asked to submit my government ID to upload a photo. Do you keep this?
No. The image is purged once your photo has been either approved or declined.
How do I get my card set up for door access?
This is managed at the department level. Please contact your supervisor or department to arrange this. Students living in a campus Residence building will have their access automatically applied.
I am an Augustana Student. Where do I get my ONEcard?
Augustana students will pick up their ONEcard at the Augustana campus. Please see the ONEcard homepage for more information.
I need a proximity ONEcard. How do I know if I have one?
All ONEcards are contactless proximity ONEcards. Check ONEcard Access page for more information.
I have money in my Department balance. What does this mean?
Funds in this balance have been transferred to your account by an internal department and are spendable anywhere ONEcard cash is accepted on campus. You may see fund in this balance for
  • Student Union Opt-out Fees
  • Funds transfers by interdepartmental request form
  • Survey completion credits

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