Access to buildings


ONEcards are used to provide students living in residence access to their building. ONEcards can also be programmed to give access to doors on campus, including offices or labs. The access is typically provided by the individual's department, and lost/stolen or replaced ONEcards should be reported to the department as soon as possible.

You will need a proximity ONEcard to Access buildings on campus. Here is how you can find out what your proximity number might be.


Access to services on campus


Van Vliet Complex

ONEcard gives you access to athletics and recreation facilities on campus, including the locker rooms, pools, fitness centres, climbing centre and campus recreation. Student access is determined by non-instructional fees, which are assessed to all students who have on-campus registration for the current term. Staff access depends on the employment contract of the individual.

If you don’t have automatic access, you may purchase access to the gym online or in the Van Vliet Complex.

Health & Dental Plan (Health Insurance)

The ONEcard office is not the supplier of student health insurance. Coverage is provided by and managed by the Students' Union Health and Dental Plan Office in SUB 6-14. Please contact them for information about the student health and dental plan.

Please note that access to services is based on student fee assessments and staff contracts.