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All users of the sport and fitness facilities in the Van Vliet Complex must hold a valid ONEcard or a Van Vliet Complex (VVC) membership card.

  • A ONEcard is a swipe-access card that is issued to students, faculty and staff of the University by the ONEcard office on campus
    • It serves as an identification card, enabling access to a variety of facilities and conveniences, from laboratories to photocopiers; from libraries to the Student Health Centre. It is valid until a student or a staff member leaves the university
  • A VVC membership card is available for spouses and dependants of students, staff, alumni, post docs fellows is available at Customer Service.
    • VVC membership cards are also available to those outside of the University community and who would like to use the sport and fitness facilities in the Van Vliet Complex.
  • All prices include GST. No refunds on VVC passes or memberships.

VVC membership card onecard membership

Where to obtain ONEcard/ VVC Membership card

  • Students, faculty and staff members are issued their ONEcard by the ONEcard office at Hub Mall.
  • Alumni ONEcard photos may be taken at Customer Service, 1-241 Van Vliet Complex or at Hub Mall.
  • Photo ID required. E.g. Driver's license, passport or other government issue picture identification.
  • Post-doctoral Fellows, affiliated staff, and community members purchase VVC memberships in the Van Vliet Complex from the Customer Service desk.
  • Day users and other short-term users of the VVC are issued temporary VVC membership card by Facility Services. Photo ID required. E.g. Driver's license, passport or other government-issued picture identification.

Van Vliet Complex (VVC) Membership Request

To initiate your membership activation, or make an adjustment to your existing membership, please complete the Van Vliet Complex Membership Request form.

VVC Membership Request

Contact us

General Inquiries:
Ph: 780.492.9510

Customer Service:
1-241, Van Vliet Complex (lower level of East Wing)
Ph: 780.492.2231

Recreation Facility Operations:
Van Vliet Complex
Ph: 780.492.3276

Team Lead: Dean Budynski (

Facility Booking Inquiries:
2-670 Van Vliet Complex
Ph: 780.492.7424

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