Locker and Towel Rentals

Customer Service is responsible for supporting academic, varsity, recreation services, and community needs by ensuring the highest standard of service.

If you're using the Van Vliet Complex facilities, and need to rent a locker or a towel, you can do so at the Customer Service desk.

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Locker and Towel Rentals

Valid ONEcard or Van Vliet Complex membership required to use these services

Daily Lock and Towel Rental

A valid ONEcard/VVC membership card or photo ID is required for rentals.

  • $2.75 for lock rental
  • $2.25 for towel rental

Important: If you purchase a daily, weekly, or monthly pass for the Van Vliet Complex you are required to leave a current driver's licence, passport, or other government-issued identification at the Customer Service desk when renting a lock and/or towel. Your ID document will be returned to you when you return the rental.

Long Term Locker/Towel Fees

  • Lockers are available on a limited basis to all valid ONEcard/VVC membership cardholders.
  • A towel/token exchange service is included in locker rental fees
  • Towels will not be loaned without a towel or token in exchange. Locker and towel service are not transferable.
  • All rental agreements are final.

In the event of non-compliance with the policy, Customer Service will clear the contents of the locker and the refund will be forfeited. In addition, a suspension and a fine will be levied on any outstanding lock or towel not returned.

The rules for the lockers are as followed: 

  • Leaving items and locks in a RENTED locker that is not yours at any time will lead to the lock being cut, items being removed and a fine being imposed.
  • DAY USE lockers are available to use during business hours. A fine will be charged for items left overnight.
  • Ensure all personal belongings are secure at all times. The University of Alberta is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. 
  • Report any suspicious activities to a staff person immediately.
  • Photography and video recording is strictly prohibited.
  • Please respect your change rooms, the facilities and the people around you.


  • $30 fine for the loss of a combination lock
  • $20 fine for the loss of a towel or towel token
  • $20 fine for overnight use of "Day Use Only" lockers

Locker Prices 

Small Lockers (towel service included) 

All rental period fees include a $40 deposit. All prices include GST

1 term (4 months) $72 $80 $88
2 terms (8 months) $144 $160 $176
Continuous monthly $18 $20 $22


Full-Size Lockers (towel service included)

All rental period fees include a $40 deposit. All prices include GST

1 term (4 months) $108 $124 $140
2 terms (8 months) $216 $248 $280
Continuous monthly $27 $31 $35


Towel Service

All towel service rental fees include a $10 deposit. All prices include GST

Daily Towel Rental $2.25.

Continuous monthly $12 $13 $14


Sports Equipment available for daily sign-out

  • Basketballs
  • Volleyballs
  • Soccer balls
  • Footballs
  • Rugby balls
  • Medicine balls
  • Skipping ropes
  • Frisbees
  • Squash, pickleball, table tennis, badminton, and racquetball racquets (rental fee applicable)
  • Stopwatches

Please note: All equipment must be returned by closing time on the day of rental unless alternate arrangements have been made in writing. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of your OneCard/VVC membership card account until:

  • You return the equipment OR
  • Pay the fine OR
  • Pay the replacement cost of the equipment.


Contact us

General Inquiries:
Ph: 780.492.9510

Customer Service:
1-241, Van Vliet Complex (lower level of East Wing)
Ph: 780.492.2231

Recreation Facility Operations:
Van Vliet Complex
Ph: 780.492.3276

Team Lead: Dean Budynski (

Facility Booking Inquiries:
2-670 Van Vliet Complex
Ph: 780.492.7424

***To schedule or cancel a drop-in time, please visit

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