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The Eye Institute of Alberta (EIA) at the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) has been delivering compassionate care and research for patients from throughout the Edmonton area, as well as central and northern Alberta, northwestern British Columbia, northeastern Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories since 1996. The hub of the Eye Institute of Alberta is based out of the RAH with additional patient care sites at the Stollery Children’s Hospital, Westview Health Center and Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital.

The Eye Institute of Alberta (EIA), located in the Active Treatment Centre (ATC), at the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) provides inpatient, outpatient and surgical services to patients requiring eye care. The Outpatient Eye Clinic is the main center that receives all emergency eye referrals within the Edmonton area, northern Alberta, northern British Columbia, northern Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories.

In addition to providing patient care, the ophthalmology department at the RAH is also a University of Alberta teaching facility with strong commitment to training medical doctors (residents and fellows) to become eye specialists (ophthalmologists).


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