Frequently Asked Questions

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Why did I receive a citation when I was in my vehicle?

Drivers who enter a structure to drop off or pick up may be cited for non-payment as the license plate recognition technology (LPR) cannot recognize if there is a person in the vehicle or not. Citations are issued based on vehicles in lots that have no payment associated with them.

Payment is required at all times and by all vehicles using the parking structures.

How do I cancel my parking permit?

Log into your Parking Account to cancel your Annual Auto-Renewal or Monthly Renewal parking permit.

  1. Select the PERMITS dropdown on the top left menu bar and click View Your Permits.
  2. On the View Your Account Permits webpage, select the permit you want to cancel by clicking the permit number itself.
  3. On the Permit Details page, scroll to the bottom and click Cancel Permit. Fill out the form, including the reason why you are cancelling, and submit.

If your permit is a Monthly Renewable and want it cancelled after the 20th of the current month, you do NOT need to fill out the cancel request form. Simply let the permit expire at the end of the current month.

NOTE: Your permit will show as missing until it is processed on our end. Any refunds owing will be returned according to the payment method used. You will receive a confirmation email once the cancellation and permit refund (if applicable) it is processed.

Will I receive a refund for my cancelled parking permit?
  • If the permit is cancelled on or before the 10th of the month, you will receive a 2/3 refund.
  • If the permit is cancelled on or after the 11th you will receive a 1/3 refund for that location.
  • Permits cancelled on or after the 21st of the current month are not eligible for refunds.
NOTE: If you are on a payment plan and have already been charged, the above still applies.
When can I renew my parking permit?

Annual Auto-Renewal permits automatically renew on the same payment plan as the year before. You will receive an email when this happens.

If you paid in full last year, an outstanding balance for the current year will be sitting on your permit. To pay off your balance, visit your Parking Account and select View your Permits under the PERMITS dropdown. Select your permit to view details. You will see your amount due and can then click Add to Cart. Check out and pay by selecting the shopping basket at the top of the page.

If you wish to have your permit put on a payment plan, please fill out the Payment Agreement form and email it to Parking Services (

What is the difference between Annual Auto-Renewable and Monthly Renewable permits?

An Annual Auto-Renewal permit is set up on one of 3 payment plans: Bank withdrawal, credit card deduction or payroll deduction. This permit will automatically withdraw money on a monthly basis and will automatically renew at the end of the fiscal year with the same payment plan until it is changed or cancelled.

A Monthly Renewable permit is a parking permit that needs to be manually renewed at the end of each month by the permit holder. If the permit is not renewed before the 1st of the following month, it will expire and no longer be valid.

The parking location I want is not available right now. What do I do?

Go to the main page of your Parking Account, scroll to the bottom and select Add/Edit Waitlists. You may select and prioritize up to 3 different locations. Parking Services will contact you via email if the location becomes available.

NOTE: You will have seven days to purchase your permit if your requested location becomes available. The space will be awarded to the next person on the waitlist should this deadline pass.

Can I use the small car parking spaces?
Small car-only parking stalls are restricted to vehicles with a length no longer than 4.6 m and a height of 1.5 m (roughly shoulder-length or chest high). The height is important to ensure that drivers can see past parked vehicles to look for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
What do I do if my access card is not letting me into my parking lot?

Please contact Parking Services via email ( and share the issue as well as your access card number (located on the back of the card). We will investigate as quickly as we can.

If you require access after hours and the dispatch desk is closed, contact Protective Services (780-492-5050) for assistance.

NOTE: If you are a Timms/Telus, University Terrace or ECERF permit holder, you must use your ONECard to access the car park.

How much does it cost to park per day?

Please see the Rates page on our website for more information.

How do I pay for daily parking?

Use the dispensers or the no-touch HonkMobile QR signs located in the specific lot you are parking in. You may also use the HonkMobile app to pay for parking.

NOTE: Our dispensers only take credit cards or coins. You may use your Visa debit, Paypal account or ONECard to pay through HonkMobile.

Can I Park & Ride from South Campus?

NO - Park & Ride is prohibited and actively enforced.

What are the benefits of virtual parking permits to the university and the community?

This system produces less waste by eliminating the thousands of plastic parking permits that normally end up in landfill.

What if I have a different vehicle one day?

You can have up to five vehicles listed in your parking account—just click Add Vehicles under the Vehicles section.

Please ensure you select the Add to Permit button before completing. Only one of your vehicles is entitled to park with the permit at any one time. Any other vehicles must pay for the day at the dispenser or through HonkMobile.

NOTE: If any vehicles are found without daily payment, all vehicles found that are linked to one permit will receive citations. See the Citations page for more information regarding violations.

How do I prove that I have a permit?

Our parking permits are linked to licence plate recognition software so if the licence plate is correct on your permit and linked to your permit, we will know by simply scanning the plate.

Additionally, you will receive an email after signing up for parking and your permit can be viewed on your online account.

Where can I park with my permit?

Your parking permit is only valid in its specific lot, but after 4:30 pm daily you can park in any of our non-restricted lots with your valid parking permit.

Those lots include Lot E, L, R, N, U, Stadium Car Park, Windsor Car Park, Education Car Park and Varsity.

NOTE: You may only park in a non-restricted lot from 4:30 pm to 7:00 am. Enforcement regulations still apply.

This information will be included in your email receipt and also found on your parking account.

How will I know that my permit is valid?

You can verify this information by going to your Parking Account. Please select View Your Permits under the PERMITS dropdown for your permit information page.

What if I lend my car to another student/staff member? Is the permit valid still?

Yes, as long as the license plate matches the one listed on your parking permit.

NOTE: Only one car linked to a permit is allowed on to park at a time. Any other vehicles associated with the permit must pay for the day by using the parking dispensers or by using the HonkMobile QR code or app.

What if I add someone else's vehicle to my permit?

This is not recommended. You will be held responsible for any citations associated with all license plates listed on your account.

NOTE: To remove vehicles from your account you must pay all outstanding citations and then email Parking Services at with the license plates you would like to remove.

How do I know what payment plan I have chosen?

This information will be included on your email receipt and also can be found on your Parking Account online.

What type of payment plans are there?

Staff can pay monthly through payroll deduction, bank withdrawal, credit card or annually in one lump sum.

Students can pay monthly or sessionally by credit card or bank withdrawal. If you opt for monthly bank withdrawal you must complete the Payment Agreement form and include a void cheque.

How can I access my monthly receipts?

Receipts are not yet available online. Please contact Parking Services at for copies of all of your monthly receipts.

Are permits purchased mid-month prorated?

Yes, permits purchased between the 1st and the 10th are charged the full monthly rate. Permits purchased between 11th and 20th will be charged for 2/3 of the monthly rate. Permits purchased on or after the 21st will be 1/3 of the monthly rate.

What if I don't renew my permit on time or my payment doesn’t go through?

Your permit end date will not be extended and the parking space will be allocated to the next person on the waitlist.

Why did I get a citation in the mail?

Parking Services uses license plate recognition technology to enforce parking and the camera systems track non-payment of parking fees. Vehicles that do not pay within the allotted time limit are automatically issued citations by mail.

Is my all day or hourly permit transferable to another location?

No. Hourly and Daily permits are restricted to the lot where they are purchased at all times. Only monthly or annual permits are transferable among non-restricted lots at posted times.

There are no in and out privileges for hourly and daily permits.

Who can have a private stall?
You will need to contact parking services and provide a legitimate business reason to set up a private stall. A letter from your Dean or AVP will need to accompany the request approving the business reason for the request