Enforcing Regulations

Parking Services enforces University of Alberta's traffic and parking regulations by issuing violators parking tickets or towing vehicles.

Vehicle Towing

Vehicles we consistently find in violation of university parking regulations will be added to our tow-away list. Vehicles on our tow-away list are subject to being towed from university property at any time-whether or not a parking payment has been made. Any other vehicles that belong to the same owner or operator are also subject to be towed from university property.

We will not remove a vehicle from our tow-away list until all fines for related violations are paid in full.

Parking Services has two tow providers, Cliff's Towing Ltd. and Kingsway Towing Group Inc. For information on recovering your vehicle, please contact Parking Dispatch at 780 492 5533 from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. To obtain information after hours, please contact the tow providers directly.

Student Encumbrances

The university reserves the right to withhold grades or transcripts, or to deny registration or access to registration materials for students with outstanding traffic or parking fines. We will remove encumbrances within one hour of fine payment.

Parking Permit Purchase/Renewal

All citations must be paid prior to issuance of any parking permit(s).