Part-time parking options available for occasional users

Parking Services offers a variety of alternatives to annual parking permits for students and staff who are only on campus part-time.

What factors should you consider before getting an annual parking permit?

  • How often you’ll be on campus
  • Whether you’ll be on campus all day or just for a few hours
  • Where you want to park

If you don’t need a long-term parking permit, you have some other options.

Share a permit

Share a permit with up to four other faculty, staff or students by linking up to five vehicles to one parking permit.

  • Only one vehicle from the shared permit may be parked on campus at a time. Additional vehicles on campus at the same time must pay the daily or hourly rate.
  • Shared permits are paid for by just one person
    Others may reimburse the permit holder
  • In the event multiple vehicles are parked on campus at the same time, all plates will receive a citation, one for permit sharing violation and the others for non-payment

Get more information about permit locations and rates at the Monthly Permits webpage.

The registered permit holder is responsible for any violations attached to the permit. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions for more information about shared permit violations.

Buy a daily or hourly permit

Purchase a daily or hourly parking permit at lot locations across campus or using the HonkMobile app. Simply download the app or tap one of the posters located in your parking lot and add time as you need to.

For lot locations and daily rates, visit the Rates webpage