Parking Regulations

UAlberta has many parking facilities on campus and offers several parking permit options to students, faculty and staff.

Parking Lots

Our parking lots fall under two categories: restricted and non-restricted.

Restricted Lots

Restricted lots are only used by those holding a permit for that lot. Permits for other UAlberta parking facilities are never valid in a restricted lot.

Restricted lots include:

  • Lots A, C, K, M, T and Z and University Club Lot
  • Lots 65, 87, 88, 89 and 700
  • ETCL/ECERF Car Park
  • Jubilee Car Park (restricted to performance parking only during Jubilee performances and events)
  • Jubilee West Surface Lot
  • MICF Lot
  • South Campus
  • Southfield Car Park
  • Stadium East, South and North
  • St.Stephen's East
  • Timms/Telus Car Park
  • University Terrace Car Park
  • Van Vliet East
  • Van Vliet West

Non-Restricted Lots

Non-restricted lots are open to all permit holders evenings (4:30 pm to 7 am), and all day on weekends and statutory holidays.

Non-restricted lots include:

  • Lots E, L, N, R and U
  • Campus Saint-Jean
  • Education Car Park
  • Stadium Car Park
  • Windsor Car Park
  • Varsity Lot

Restrictions for Jubilee Car Park and Jubilee Surface Lots

Jubilee permits are valid only until 6 pm on weekdays; they are not valid on weekends and statutory holidays. Entry to Jubilee is not permitted after 4:30 pm on weekdays. Jubilee permits are valid in non-restricted lots from 4:30 pm to 7 am on weekdays and all day on weekends and statutory holidays.

On occasion, the Jubilee parking facilities may be required by the Jubilee Auditorium for their sole use and will be closed to permit holders. On such dates, Jubilee permit holders are requested to use alternate means of transportation. Space may be available in other University of Alberta parking facilities. Jubilee permit holders may park in these facilities but are required to pay the daily rate in effect and park in visitor zones.

Clearance for most UAlberta parking structures is 1.98 metres (6' 6"). Clearance for the Jubilee Car Park is 2.13 metres (7').

Loading Zones

Loading zone spaces offer short-term parking for loading and unloading. Commercial vehicles may park for free for up to 15 minutes. Other vehicles must pay the meter 25 cents for 10 minutes (up to 30 minutes). Loading zone regulations are always in effect.

Parking Permits

Parking permits are valid in the lot for which they are issued. Permit holders may park in their designated lot for up to 72 consecutive hours. Permits for both restricted and non-restricted lots are also valid in any non-restricted lot weekdays from 4:30 pm to 7 am, and all hours on weekends and statutory holidays.

Permits valid for evening and weekend parking only are also available. Learn more about monthly rates.

Parking permits are never valid at parking meters or in 24-hour reserved stalls on campus.

Only one of your vehicles is entitled to park with the permit at any one time. Permit sharing is not allowed and both vehicles will be cited. One for non payment (code 117) and one for shared permit violation (code 128).

If your assigned lot is full, park at the nearest available lot and call Parking Services.

Transfer a Permit

To transfer a permit to another vehicle, register its licence plate under your Parking Services account. To register a licence plate online, log in to your account and choose "Manage Your Account."

To transfer a permit to another driver, you must set up permit sharing or carpooling.

Rental/Dealership Loaner Vehicle

If you bring a rental vehicle or a dealer loaner vehicle instead of your own vehicle, please contact Parking Services at 780 24-UPARK (780-248-7275) with the licence plate of the rental or loaner vehicle.

The same restrictions will apply to your rental vehicle plate as are on your permit.

Permit Sharing

Permit sharing is when the permit holder adds multiple vehicles to one permit. The permit holder is able to add a maximum of 5 vehicles per permit but only one vehicle is allowed to be on campus at a time. The permit holder is held responsible for all citations accumulated on all of the license plates added.

Carpool Permit

A carpool is three or more drivers (who live at different addresses) who regularly commute to the university together. Carpool permits give drivers access to premium parking stalls in UAlberta's busiest parking facilities, including Jubilee and Windsor Car Parks, and Lot E (next to Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science).

Each carpool member must register with Parking Services. We assign carpool members one parking permit, which is transferable between all vehicles registered in the carpool.

Parking Services will split the cost of the carpool permit equally between carpool members. Each member can choose his or her own means of payment (payroll deduction, credit card, debit). If your carpool dissolves, please notify Parking Services within two weeks.

Looking for carpool partners? Check with Parking Services or visit CarpoolWorld.

Accessible Parking

Disabled parking stalls are available in parking lots across campus. Only vehicles displaying a valid provincial disabled placard may use these stalls. A valid UAlberta parking permit is also required. Learn more about accessible parking on campus.

Bicycle Parking

U of A provides free bike racks outside most buildings on campus. Visit Campus Map to see specific bike rack locations. We also offer three secure bike lock-up cages on North Campus (Cameron Library, Education Car Park, and Stadium Car Park); cyclists may purchase a permit from Parking Services. Learn more about bicycles on campus.