Accessible Parking

UAlberta provides accessible parking across campus, including designated handicap parking spaces and elevator access from university car parks.

Handicap Parking

Designated handicap parking spaces are available in UAlberta's surface lots and car parks. These parking spaces are in close proximity to the building they serve and are on ground level in university car parks.

Only vehicles displaying a valid provincial or universal placard for persons with disabilities may park in designated handicap parking spaces. Placard holders must still display a valid UAlberta parking permit or purchase visitor parking in UAlberta's car parks or lots.

Car Park Elevators

Two of UAlberta's four above ground car parks (Stadium Car Park and Jubilee Car Park) and each of our underground car parks (ECERF/ETLC Car Park, Timms/Telus Car Park, University Terrace Car Park and Southfield Car Park) has elevator access to a nearby building.

Elevators may not service all levels of a university car park. Please follow the wayfinding signs in the car park to access the elevator.