Cancellations and Renewals

Permit Cancellations

To cancel your parking permit before its expiry date (for example, if your employment at UAlberta is terminated), log into your parking account on the date you wish to cancel. Select Permit from the top menu bar then view permit. Choose your permit and select the Cancel Permit button.

Your permit will be cancelled immediately when you request a cancellation online. Parking Services will then acknowledge your request by emailing the most current email address on your account.

If you haven't received this acknowledgement within a week, contact Parking Services.

If you don't cancel your permit, you will continue to be charged for parking. If your permit has expired, you do not need to cancel it.


If you cancel your permit any day after the first of the month, you will be refunded 2/3 of your fee if on or before the 10th of the month, refunded 1/3 of your fee from the 11th of the month through the 20th of the month, and no refunds if cancelled after the 20th of the month.

Suspend Your Permit

If you will be on an approved leave from the university (sabbatical, maternity, medical, etc.), follow the instructions on Permit Cancellations above and include your leave information in the note. We will hold a spot in your parking location for your return. Only approved leaves qualify for a suspension; absence from the university for other reasons (such as time off for vacation) do not apply.

Permit Renewal

Annual Auto Renewal permits run from April 1 (or from your time of purchase) to March 31. This type of permit will automatically renew for the same location using the same payment method. An email will be sent prior to the end of March notifying you about the annual rate increase.

Monthly Renewable permits have the option to renew for one or more months at a time upon full payment. The renewal for these permits must be done prior to the current expiry date and it is NOT guaranteed.

To renew your annual parking permit online, please visit our secure Parking Portal.

Permit Transfers

Want to transfer your permit to another UAlberta student, or staff or faculty member? Learn how!

Double Check!

Once you've cancelled your parking permit, please check your pay stub, your credit card statement or your bank statement to make sure your deductions have stopped.