Parking Services issues citations to vehicle owners or operators who violate UAlberta's traffic and parking regulations.

Citation Rates




101 Unauthorized use of a plug-in $35
102 Improper use of a parking space (disregarding lines) $35
105 Overtime parking in a loading zone or drop-off zone $35
107 Parking a non motorcycle in a motorcycle zone $75
108 Parking a motorcycle in a non motorcycle zone $75
109 Parking a propane vehicle in a non propane vehicle zone $150
110 Parking a large vehicle in a posted small vehicle zone $75
111 Parking in a driving lane $100
112 Parking in a way that impedes traffic or other vehicle $100
113 Parking within 15 feet of a stop sign or a yield sign $100
114 Leaving a vehicle running in a posted no idling area $100
115 Parking on a crosswalk, sidewalk, boulevard or landscaped area $100
116 Parking in a striped, no parking, area or next to a yellow curb $100
117 No valid permit and/or payment for this location $100
118 Parking in a way that impedes maintenance or construction $75
119 Abandoning a vehicle for more than 72 hours $50
121 Wrong way on a one way $50
122 Failure to obey traffic control device or sign $50
123 Exceeding the two hour limit on a secondary parking permit $50
126 Striking a barrier $250
128 Shared permit violation $100
130 Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant $75
131 Parking within a posted or marked fire or emergency access route $150
132 Unauthorized parking in a 24 hour private stall $100
135 Parking in a transit bus zone $100
138 Enter on exit/ Exit on entry $100
141 Parking in a disabled stall or area without a disabled permit $150
142 Failing to secure your vehicle within a marked parking space (vehicle rolls out of parking space) $75
143 Obscuring licence plate $50
585 Tow-list vehicle warning $0

Our rates include GST and have been approved by the Board of Governors of the University of Alberta.

Citation Appeals

We accept citation appeals online or in writing at the Parking Services office. You must include your citation number and your mailing address in your appeal.

You must appeal your citation within seven days of the date it was issued or we will not consider your appeal until you have paid the fine. We do not consider citation appeals after 30 days (whether or not your fine has been paid).

Please note it may take up to four weeks for a ruling on your appeal.

Citations are issued based on information gathered by the enforcement office. If an error is noted on the citation in the description of the vehicle such as make or model is made, an appeal may be filed. The Appeal officer will then refer to photographic evidence on file and uphold or deny the appeal based on the photographic evidence on file. Photographic evidence coupled with motor vehicle registry records will be used as the final determining factor in such cases.

Citation Payments

Traffic and parking citations can be paid in the following ways:
  • Online. You'll need your citation number, licence plate number or customer ID.
  • In person at the Parking Services office. We accept cash, cheque, debit, credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express) or money order.
  • By mail with money order or cheque. There is a three-week waiting period for cheques to clear; citations and encumbrances won't be cleared until after this waiting period.