With University of Alberta's HonkMobile app, students, staff and visitors can seamlessly search and pay for parking from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

How it Works

HonkMobile registers your parking transactions with your licence plate number, so you don't need to display a parking receipt in your vehicle. The app sends your parking information to our parking enforcement officers (so they know you've paid).

Start Using HonkMobile!

Use HonkMobile any UAlberta lot or car park. Get started with three easy steps:

  1. Download the HonkMobile app. Find it at honkmobile.com, Google Play or the App Store.
  2. Set up your account. Conveniently store your vehicle and payment information.
  3. Pay for parking at U of A quickly and easily!

Purchasing parking through HonkMobile does not guarantee you a parking space. We recommend you wait until you have found a space to purchase parking.

Ways to Pay

HonkMobile lets you choose your method of payment. The app accepts any major credit card, PayPal, VISA debit, Masterpass digital wallet and UAlberta's ONEcard Cash. Please note, HonkMobile charges a $0.35 user fee.

ONEcard Cash

ONEcard Cash is only an accepted method of payment in the HonkMobile app for UAlberta parking zones. To use ONEcard Cash, you will need to add your ONEcard account to the app (select "Add Method" and follow the prompts).

Pay for a Friend

To pay parking for another driver, you can add his or her licence plate to your HonkMobile account. Or, you can add funds for parking to your friend's ONEcard account.

Please be advised that the information collected by HonkMobile is not in the University of Alberta's custody or control; therefore, protecting that information is not the university's responsibility. Please review HonkMobile's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for more information.

Download the Honk app

Go cashless and pay for campus parking on your phone

Pay for parking from your phone
Download the Honk app

No Smartphone?

No problem! You can purchase parking through HonkMobile's website instead of the app.

Need a Receipt?

After you purchase parking, HonkMobile emails you a receipt. You can also see your transaction history in your Profile under "Receipts."

Ticketed by Mistake?

Please check that the licence plate number in your app and the one on your parking ticket match. If you were ticketed by mistake, you may appeal your citation.

More Questions?

For more information, visit HonkMobile's website.