Student Permits

For the 2021-22 academic year, parking will be available to students on a monthly renewable basis as campus reopens.

What does this mean for you?

Choose where you want to park each month from a wider range of options based on availability. If your classes change location, you can move with them by simply cancelling your permit and buying a new permit in another location.

Log in to your Parking Account to get started

  1. Buy a permit at your preferred lot
    The cost of your first month will be prorated based on your purchase date
  2. Renew your permit before the last day of the month

Resident Students

Parking for residents is limited. Visit your Parking Account to access our online services for availability and to purchase your monthly renewable permit as above.

Purchase a Parking Permit

Rates and Payment

Check out the monthly rates for permits on campus or learn about your payment options.

Part-time Permits are also available for occasional campus visitors who don't need monthly permits.

Parking Regulations

Find everything you need to know about parking restrictions and regulations for UAlberta car parks and lots.