Graduate Degree Program

The goal of the graduate program is to form scientists who have knowledge in pharmacology as well as fundamental understanding of biochemistry, physiology and molecular biology. Our students are introduced to the method of scientific enquiry and research while creating and disseminating new scientific knowledge. The program offers an opportunity to talented and motivated students to explore different aspect of molecular pharmacology and to perform research in the cardiovascular, diabetes and neuroscience fields. Research in our Department involves a multidisciplinary and integrative approach and is conducted at the molecular, cellular, organ and whole organism levels. We investigate the molecular and biological processes that regulate cellular and organ functions and the mechanisms underlying diseases. Our goal is to discover new targets for the development of novel therapeutic strategies.

The Department of Pharmacology offers graduate programs leading to the degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy.

We may accept into our Graduate program students with degrees in the biological sciences, physics, chemistry, pharmacology, biochemistry, physiology, neuroscience, medicine and dentistry. Note that holders of a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy are NOT usually considered suitable candidates for graduate studies in pharmacology. However we may accept graduates with a pharmacy degree if the applicant has a strong background in the science of pharmacology accompanied by significant research experience.