Our Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Department of Pharmacology offers one of the most comprehensive undergraduate programs in this discipline currently available in North America. We offer a number of junior courses in which the basic science of pharmacology can be discovered and more senior courses in which students can specialize in a variety of topics such as cardiovascular, endocrine and central nervous system pharmacology. Importantly, we provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on research experience by providing a laboratory course and research projects to our fourth-year students. Our degree program also incorporates the sciences of chemistry, physiology and biochemistry so that upon completion of a specialization or honors degree, our students are well-rounded in many facets of the life sciences. Graduates from our program have gone on to careers in industry, academia and health management. Upon completion of a BSc, many of our students have furthered their education in graduate school and have earned both MSc and PhD designations.

Additional information on our program for new undergraduate students can be found here

Because our programs focus on therapeutic agents, achieving a BSc with a specialization or honors in Pharmacology provides an excellent grounding for those students who eventually wish to pursue a career in medicine or pharmacy. Indeed, each year, graduates from our program gain entrance into these professional programs across the country and here in Alberta.

The Department has an undergraduate COURSE PLANNER with details of entrance requirements, to assist students contemplating Pharmacology in choosing their courses.