Prospective Students

Incoming Graduate Students

Students are accepted into the graduate program with degrees in pharmacology, the biological sciences, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacy, neuroscience, medicine, and dentistry. The program is of particular interest to students with backgrounds in pharmacology, physiology, biochemistry, and neuroscience.

The Department applies the following criteria to determine the appropriate classification for each applicant:

  • MSc students are normally graduates of a four-year university degree program in Pharmacology or a related discipline,
  • Students who already hold an MSc degree in Pharmacology or in a related discipline may be considered appropriate for direct admission to the Ph.D. program.


  • Applicants to the MSc or Ph.D. programs are expected to have completed the following courses or their equivalents: PMCOL 343 and PMCOL 344.
  • Students who do not have a sufficient Pharmacology background may be required to take these or other appropriate courses to ensure an adequate background. These will be considered extra-to-degree.
  • The Graduate Studies Executive Committee (GSEC) of the Department of Pharmacology evaluates the background in Pharmacology of each prospective student and selects appropriate courses.
  • In general, a professional degree in Pharmacy is not considered to be sufficient to meet the requirements for admission without further documentation of basic science courses and productive research experience.