PhD Program

PhD Program

The objective of the PhD program is to form the next generation of scientists in pharmacological and biomedical sciences. PhD students will be involved in cutting-edge scientific research and will develop critical thinking as well as communication and problem-solving skills. Upon completion of the PhD program our students should be able to perform scientific research independently.

Direct Entry into PhD

Students can be directly admitted to the PhD program if in addition to the minimum admission requirements, they possess a recognized MSc degree in pharmacology or a companion discipline. Students initially admitted to the MSc program in pharmacology may transfer to the PhD program as outlined in "Transfer to the PhD program."

Duration: Although the minimum duration of the PhD program is 30 months, most students will require 4-5 years to complete their graduate program.

The PhD program consists of both course work and original research.

The Department has prepared a Handbook for Graduate Students and Supervisors.
Also refer to the GPS Graduate Program Manual