Groups, Centres & Institutes

Members of the Department of Pharmacology are also associated with the following research groups, centres and institutes at the University of Alberta:

The Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute was formally established in 2015, evolving out of the Division of Neuroscience which was founded in 1986. The Centre is supported by the faculties of Medicine and Dentistry, Rehabilitation Medicine, Science and Physical Education and Recreation. Currently, the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute has a membership of more than 100 neuroscientists from 24 departments and 5 faculties.

The Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute was established to foster research collaborations, focus research efforts within cutting edge facilities and enhance the ability to translate research from the laboratory with the goal of alleviating the burden of neurological disease in our community.

Faculty: Dr Bill Colmers, Dr Bradley Kerr, Dr Elena Posse de Chaves, Dr Simonetta Sipione, Dr. Harley Kurata, and Dr. Anna Taylor

The Alberta Diabetes Institute (ADI) is a research facility dedicated to discovering new methods to prevent, treat and cure diabetes through scientific excellence and teamwork.

Our vision is to be the world leaders in curing diabetes and rapidly translating new knowledge and discoveries into patient care.

Our more than 35 principal investigators and their scientific teams are located at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where they collaborate across different faculties on campus and with other research colleagues around the world.

Faculty: Dr Harley Kurata, Dr Peter Light (Director), Dr Gary Lopaschuk, Dr Patrick MacDonald

Through the assembly of an expert team, members of the Cardiovascular Research Centre aim to lessen the burden of cardiovascular diseases on society through the generation of new knowledge as to the underlying causes of these disorders.

Faculty: Dr Po-Yin Cheung, Dr Paul Jurasz, Dr Peter Light, Dr Gary Lopaschuk, Dr Frances Plane, Dr Richard Schulz, Dr John Seubert

The Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute is leading the way in prevention, treatment and research into Cardiovascular Disease. The Heart Institute is collaborating with all levels to provide the best possible care for patients, providing a nurturing environment for skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate and collaborative health professionals. Leading edge research with stellar inpatient services combined with expansive out patient services all work together to promote understanding, prevention and treatment of heart disease.

Faculty: Dr Po-Yin Cheung, Dr Sandy Clanachan, Dr Paul Jurasz, Dr Peter Light, Dr Gary Lopaschuk, Dr Frances Plane, Dr Richard Schulz, Dr John Seubert

The Women and Children's Health Research Institute supports groundbreaking multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary research through grant competitions, ongoing research funding, professional development and expert resources. Our membership is made up of 300 leading researchers, clinician-scientists, academics, health-care professionals and service providers from academic and community settings. All bring valuable perspectives to the issue of women and children's health.

The Institute was established in 2006 by the University of Alberta and Capital Health, now Alberta Health Services, with $37 million in core funding from the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation and the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation. In 2008/09, an estimated $3.7 million was dispersed through grants and research funding.

Faculty: Dr Po-Yin Cheung, Dr Gary Lopaschuk, Dr Richard Schulz, Dr. Basil Hubbard, and Dr. James Hammond

Our mission at The Group on the Molecular & Cell Biology of Lipids is to provide fundamental knowledge on the molecular and cell biology of lipids, both intracellularly and at the extracellular interface, from cells to the whole animal.

Faculty: Dr Simonetta Sipione

The Signal Transduction Research Group was established at the University of Alberta in 1996 and this was formalized into an official Group of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry in 2000. The objectives of this Group are to promote excellence in research and research training in the area of Signal Transduction. The Group consists of twelve full-time members of Faculty. Currently, the Group consists of 4 Post-Doctoral Fellows, Research Associates, 14 Technicians and 39 Graduate students.

Faculty: Dr Elena Posse de Chaves