Preceptors are the heart of the pharmacy profession. Their contributions advance the industry and ensure students become professionals.

In pharmacy, a preceptor is a practicing pharmacist and/or professional who gives personal instruction, training, supervision, and/or mentorship to pharmacy students in a practice setting.

Our students will complete 40 weeks of rotations and student experiential education during the course of their degrees, all of which are supervised and made possible by preceptors. The success of our programs is due to our preceptors' dedication. They create patient care opportunities, guide students, and assess their performance.

In this section

Our preceptors work in a wide variety of environments.

These committed professionals work throughout the industry, including:

  • Institutions 
  • Community pharmacies 
  • Ambulatory clinics (including Primary Care Networks or Family Care Clinics)
  • Specialty sites (including locations outside of Alberta)

Many preceptors are in clinical practice settings providing direct patient care. With the implementation of the PharmD program, opportunities for students with preceptors in non-patient care settings, such as drug information, and research and leadership/management are also being developed.

Why become a preceptor?

These are the most frequent responses to a recent survey question: Why did you become a preceptor?

  • "Learning is ongoing. My students learn from me and I learn from them. It is a wonderful opportunity from which preceptor and students benefit from. It is a symbiotic relationship."

  • "I find it very rewarding to help students develop skills and reach their potential in their future pharmacy career."

  • "I believe that hands-on learning under the guidance of a preceptor is a valuable aspect in a pharmacy student’s education. The student can receive support and advice that would be difficult for books and classroom material to duplicate."