Choosing a Placement

Please note - the explanations given are what typically happens at most hospitals in a given service. You are not guaranteed to see/care for everything that is mentioned. This is merely a guide of what you could come across.


Who to choose?

This process can sometimes be stressful for students, but for many it is a very exciting time. When choosing a placement, select one that meets your requirements and one that provides you with the best clinical experience. Some things to consider are:
  • Any outstanding requirements

  • Areas of interest
  • Offers available in the areas you have requirements


  • You may only complete two placements per site and they must be different services/areas of practice.
  • You will leave Edmonton for at least one placement but most students end up completing two or more placements outside the greater Edmonton area.


  • CardioResp - 40%
  • Neurology - 40%

For more information visit our Clinical Requirements page.