CPR Guidelines

All Physical Therapy students are required to have a valid CPR certification. Currently all students require Basic Life Support Provider (BLS) level CPR that conforms to the guidelines set out by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. You may certify at any provider as long as the provider follows the Heart and Stroke Foundation guidelines. Red Cross providers that follow the Heart and Stroke Foundation guidelines will also be accepted.

CPR is a pre-requisite to clinical placements and you will not be permitted out on placement if you do not have a valid CPR. CPR certifications are valid for one year and you must be re-certified annually. Deadlines for re-certification are posted on your class calendar in RM courses. You will need to show your valid CPR certificate to the Clinical Education Assistant once you have it so we can make a copy for your file.


Second Chance CPR

Take your CPR through Second Chance CPR and $5.00 of your fee will go directly to your grad class. Through their sponsorship program with the Rehabilitation Medicine Student Association and other student groups, they have contributed over $26,000 to U of A Grads since 1998. Check their website for upcoming classes.

Second Chance CPR website