Geophysics Program

Geophysics field school near Drumheller, Alberta.

Geophysics field school near Drumheller, Alberta. Photo supplied by Vadim Kravchinsky.

About the Program

The goal of research in this area is to advance understanding of Earth structure and evolution through the application of physical principles. Activities include experimental, theoretical, computational, and field studies applied to fundamental research, and to the economic development and environmental protection of our planet.

The wide variety of research in Geophysics at the University of Alberta includes both fundamental and more applied geophysical science projects. Current research focuses on the field of geophysical data processing, theoretical and applied seismology, earthquake studies, geodynamics, geomagnetism and paleomagnetism, magnetotellurics, environmental geophysics, geothermal energy, climatology and planetary geophysics.


Study Programs in Geophysics

Undergraduate and Graduate

Field School

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Research in Geophysics

Applied (Exploration and Environmental) Geophysics

Continental and Planetary Dynamics

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