Institute for Geophysical Research

The IGR encourages interdisciplinary collaborations between geophysical researchers and their students. The Institute defines geophysical research quite broadly to include study of the Earth, its oceans, atmosphere and cryosphere and its near-space environment. It also includes study of the sun, the other planets and the solar wind and its interactions with planetary magnetic fields. The IGR runs occasional seminars followed by social gatherings. The IGR runs a Graduate Student Symposium in the Fall and Winter Terms each year. In the Symposium, graduate students will give conference-style 10-minute talks over the course of the afternoon. As well as fostering interdisciplinary interactions, students of IGR members can benefit financially through competitions for the Roy Hibbs Travel Awards and Scholarships.

Director: Claire Currie

IGR Library and Office: CCIS 4 - 281 


IGR invites speakers from outside the University of Alberta to give seminars to the membership and their students. The talks appeal to the broad membership of the IGR while explaining ongoing challenges in their particular discipline. 

Graduate Symposium

In the Fall and Winter terms the IGR runs a graduate symposium in which graduate students performing research in geophysics, space physics and atmosphere-ocean physics give conference-style talks to their peers. After each symposium an award is given for the best presentation. 

Awards and Scholarships

The Institute for Geophysical Institute administers:

  • The Dr. Roy Dean Hibbs and American Geophysical Union Student Conference Travel Awards are open to graduate students whose supervisors are IGR members and who are engaged in geophysical research in the Departments of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences and Physics at the University of Alberta.

  • The Dr. Roy Hibbs Memorial Graduate Scholarship is open to students enrolled full-time in a graduate degree program in Physics, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences or Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at the University of Alberta whose supervisors are IGR members and who are engaged in geophysical research. Recipients will be chosen on the basis of strong academic performance.

Details for both here.