Research opportunities, supervision

Graduate research opportunities:  (Prof. Gingrich)  (Prof. Krauss)  (Prof. LeBlanc)  (Prof. Penin)  (Prof. Rosolowsky) (Prof. van der Baan) 

ATUMS ( (Professors Hegmann and Meldrum)

Quanta ( (Professors Davis and LeBlanc)

To find other graduate opportunities and potential research supervisors, go to the department's Research menu, and follow the links.


The Department's four research focus areas are:

  •  Astrophysical sciences (including Space Physics and Plasma Physics)
  •  Condensed matter physics (including Biophysics)
  •  Geophysical sciences (including Applied, Environmental, Global, Planetary)
  •  Particle Physics


An alphabetical list of professors in our department can be found in the "Faculty" section of the department's People menu. Anybody listed as a "Professor" can supervise graduate students. People listed as either "Adjunct Professor" or "Professor Emeritus" can co-supervise graduate students in cooperation with a regular professor in our department. It is also possible to form interdisiplinary supervisory committees with co-supervisors from other departments.