Research opportunities, supervision

Research in the Department of Physics

The Department's four research focus areas are:

  • Astrophysical sciences (including Space Physics and Plasma Physics)
  • Condensed matter physics (including Biophysics)
  • Geophysical sciences (including Applied, Environmental, Global, Planetary)
  • Particle Physics

To find graduate opportunities and potential research supervisors not listed below, go to the department's Research menu, and follow the links.


An alphabetical list of professors in our department can be found in the " Faculty" section of the department's People menu. Anybody listed as a "Professor" can supervise graduate students. People listed as either "Adjunct Professor" or "Professor Emeritus" can co-supervise graduate students in cooperation with a regular professor in our department. It is also possible to form interdisiplinary supervisory committees with co-supervisors from other departments.

Graduate research opportunities in Astrophysics & Cosmology:

Graduate research opportunities in Condensed Matter:

Graduate research opportunities in Geophysics:

Graduate research opportunities in Particle Physics:

Graduate research opportunities in Space & Plasma Physics: