As outlined in Article 12 of the collective agreement, all full time PDF employees and their eligible dependents (as defined by the Benefit Plan) are entitled to be enrolled in the University Postdoctoral Fellows Benefit Plan, unless their spouse/partner has comparable coverage. The cost of the benefits are covered by the supervisor or department.

Full-time postdoctoral fellow trainees and guests who are not employees are eligible to participate in university health and dental plans.

Information about the PDFA Benefits Plan is available on the University of Alberta website.

The Benefit Plan for all full time PDF employees includes an annual Health Spending Account (HSA) allowance of $500 for the reimbursement of Canada Revenue Agency eligible medical and dental expenses. Under the Income Tax Act of Canada, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) does provide a list of eligible medical expenses based on their interpretation of the act on their website.

If you have any questions or concerns related to your benfits or the terms of the collective agreement, you can contact Labour Relations Officer Terry Sway directly at 780-667-2553 or or email the PDFA at