2020-21 executive election update

21 September 2020

I'd like to update you on the nomination and election process for the 2020-21 PDFA executive.

At the close of the nomination period, I had received nominations for the positions of President, VP Internal, VP External, VP Communications, VP Operations, and one member-at-large. There were no nominations received for the position of VP Finance.

As the nominees for these positions are uncontested, as outlined in Article 6.6.1 of the PDFA Bylaws, these candidates are awarded the position by acclamation, and the scheduled election will not be required. I'm therefore pleased to announce the incoming 2020-21 PDFA Executive:

President: Ahmed Negm
VP Internal: Muhammad Safder
VP External: Qutuba Karwi
VP Communications: Md Monirujjaman
VP Operations: Neelakshi Joshi
Member-at-Large: Lorraine Smith-Macdonald

The new executive will be responsible for filling the vacant position of VP Finance in accordance with Article 5.2.6 of the bylaws.

Thank you to all of you who put your names forward to serve your fellow postdoctoral fellows, and thanks also to the outgoing executive members for their efforts on behalf of the PDFA.


Ellen Rafferty
Chief Returning Officer