Event: Asian Studies Brown Bag Series

Wednesday, February 10, 2021, 12-1pm (on zoom) presented by Jennifer Quist, World Literature and Chinese-English Creative Writing: A Translingual Way

PTJC - 01 February 2021

PTJC is happy to host Asian Studies Brown Bag Series.

This time, Jennifer Quist, PhD Candidate is going to share her research with us.

More and more, world literature slips into meaning literature translated into English as fluent, monolingual texts. To insist on stories, novels, and poetry that are not monolingual but translingual, bringing Chinese script, sound, and structure into work written only partly in English, writers including Xiaolu Guo, Ha Jin, and from Japanese, Yoko Tawada, use daring, innovative ways of writing.

What are these translingual ways? How do they work? How do they sometimes fail? And how can they be taught to emerging multilingual writers to further challenge the dominance of English in world literature?

All are welcome!

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