Options Navigation Network (ONN)


The Options Navigation Network (ONN) is a group of University units that assist those who have experienced sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in exploring and understanding the options available to them through the University. Options Navigators receive general and role-specific training to take an intersectional and survivor-driven approach, working with disclosers to understand their needs and identify options that might reduce barriers to their participation in University life.

What it does/ doesn’t do

What it does/ doesn't do
What Options Navigators Do What They Don’t Do
  • Provide an initial, supportive listening ear
  • Meet disclosers of SGBV with support and empathy
  • Act as a bridge between those affected by
    SGBV and the units/services that can support them or provide a desired option
  • Introduction or ‘warm hand-off’ to the right person/place
  • Counselling
  • Advise on which option(s) to pursue
  • Investigate create a record of, or collect information about allegations of SGBV
  • Make reports on behalf of disclosers


Available options for disclosers include a wide range of possibilities, such as various forms of emotional, personal or therapeutic support, access to modifications or interim measures, making a complaint under university policy, seeking various forms of non-disciplinary accountability from the person who caused harm, as well as other needs-based options. An Options Navigator can work with a discloser to find available options specific to the discloser’s needs.

Access the ONN

The following University units are designated as part of the ONN. Note that some of the units below also provide specific options for disclosers, but every one of them can assist anyone in understanding available options. Choose any of the email addresses below and request an ONN consultation.