These pages provide information for students interested in enrolling in the honors program and also to provide information for students already enrolled in the honors program. The honors program in psychology offers an exciting opportunity for motivated undergraduate students to get first-hand experience conducting research under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Both BA and BSc honors degrees are available. The main focus of your work in the honors program is the research that you do in connection with producing a senior thesis. There are two phases to this experience: A research apprenticeship undertaken in the third year, and the thesis research conducted in the fourth year. In addition to working closely with a faculty advisor, you will also build a professional network, and join a cohort of like-minded peers who share your passion for psychology. Additionally, you will get two opportunities to present your research to both your peers as well as other academics. At the newly combined annual Royce-Harder Research Conference, you will give a presentation in your third and fourth years about your thesis work. The honors program in psychology will prepare you for your next step after university, including preparation for graduate school, preparation for other professional schools, or preparation for your chosen career. Regardless of which path you choose, the honors program will teach you the skills that you will need to succeed, including public speaking, collaborating/team work, writing, data management, and critical thinking skills.

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For questions concerning the honors program, please contact the honors advisors:

ARTS: Elena Nicoladis (elenan@ualberta.ca)
SCIENCE: Jeremy Caplan (jcaplan@ualberta.ca)
For guidance about the research certificate, please contact Dr. Baerveldt (cor@ualberta.ca)